How ironic is this... I looked back at Mackenzie's caringbridge site to see what our life looked like at this time in 2006 ... this was part of my entry from December 12, 2006 ... a month later Mack relapsed and we had no idea we would be walking this path again with Lexie. 

I wrote:
"Things have been super busy here, but fortunately just with normal everyday things. It is so wonderful to "re-enter" the world and think about something other than fevers, arrythmia's, chemo, doctors appointments and medication schedules. I pray, with all that is within me, that this will mark the beginning of a new season in our life. A season that brings back some normalcy, some spontaneity, some "carefree" living allowing us to enjoy the gift of life again. If Mack stays on schedule, she should finish her chemo protocol at the end of May or beginning of June. We are ready to unload some of the medical stessors in our life as they have taken a toll on us physically."

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Thank you again for all your love and support,

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