Thursday, March 19, 2015

March 19, 2015

Quick update:

Lexie has been doing ok. She was throwing up a little this morning but seems better now. She will get an infusion of pentamidine to help protect her lungs from infection once her methotrexate clears and we are still planning on discharge sometime tomorrow.

Lindsay saw cardiology at Phoenix Childrens and all is well with her heart. Praise God! They pulled dermatology into the room to see her rash and they said it was "impressive". Spoke with the dermatologist she has been seeing in AZ last night and biopsy came back "spongiotic dermatitis". Not exactly sure where this leaves us. We are changing her heart medication to make sure there is no drug reaction, more labs for mono/EBV and still waiting on strep titres. There is still much concern that she is not responding to any treatment as the rash continues to progress and we can't find the source of the symptoms. 

Please pray for healing for Lindsay (and Lexie and Mackenzie). Much love to you all!

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