December 18, 2014 ...

Here's what we accomplished today... Steve survived his crown at the dentist this morning, Lindsay was "the easy case today" (which is a first for us!) and flew through heart surgery/ pacemaker placement like a champ, Taylor saw the doctor, had labs drawn and a chest X-ray done (seeing ENT tomorrow) and Lexie had labs drawn and is plowing through her chemo schedule! That was a marathon day and your prayers carried us!

Lindsay is doing well outside of the puking from anesthesia and sore chest. They opened a small portion of her breastbone, found the wires, attached the device and implanted it in her abdomen. Apparently everyone celebrated in the OR when they determined the wires were still "good". I had no idea there was a chance they wouldn't be good and it's a good thing. They had prepared to open her entire breastbone, replace her homograph and valve, place new wires and device. 

Praising God for the mercy in the unknown and that none of the above was needed!

The first thing Lindsay said to me when I got back to her room was ..."so apparently I had a really hot doctor while you were gone, but he came in after I threw up and I had dried puke all over my neck.... That was unfortunate!" Ohhhh Linny! 

We are still on track for discharge tomorrow! 

Thank you so much for your incredible support today. 

December 11, 2014 ...

Got an unexpected call from Lindsay's surgical team today informing me her surgery has been scheduled for next Thursday. Looks like I will head back to Chicago on Wednesday afternoon. 
December 10, 2014 ...
I'm not sure where to begin, our emotions have been all over the place today. When I woke up this morning I didn't feel like facing the day, I wanted to pull the covers over my head and sleep it away. 
After many discussions with Lindsay's cardiologist and electrophysiologist over the past two days it was decided that Lindsay cannot wait any longer for her surgery. She was scheduled for heart surgery this Monday, but when Lexie was diagnosed we asked if we could postpone it until we got through some of the intensive treatment for Lexie. That was the plan. 
But Lindsay began having new symptoms and everything changed. I don't have many details other than I know she will be an emergency "add on" to the schedule since we gave up her scheduled surgery slot. They will call me on Monday and the surgery will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday next week. Since Lindsay's team of doctors are at Hope Childrens in Oak Lawn, IL, I am planning on coming home the night before her surgery. Lindsay has developed a condition called Sick Sinus Syndrome and her SA node (the body's natural pacemaker) is failing. 
She will be having a pacemaker placed, which normally is not that big of a surgery and usually done through cardiac cath, but because of the complexity of Lindsays heart, it appears they will need to open her breast bone again to gain access to the pacer wires she had placed during her last surgery. They won't know how extensive the surgery will be until they get in there.
Please pray that it will be minimally invasive and she would only have to spend a night or two in the hospital so we can all get back to Cincinnati to be together as quickly as possible. 
Also praying for continued protection for Lexie while I am back in Chicago. We threw out our plans for everyone's "comings" and "goings" over Christmas break and are back to figuring things out one day at a time.

Lexie has been doing really well this week. She has had more energy and is beginning to lose some of the steroid puffiness. It's exciting to see her begin to morph back to herself ... minus the hair. 

She gets chemo in her spine on Friday and starts 4 more days of the ARA-C. 

Extra prayers for NO FEVERS! From past experiences it seems like satan attacks when we are down and vulnerable ... please pray that God would bind satan and send angels to stand guard all around us during the next couple weeks. 

Clearly I cannot be in two places at once, but my heart desperately wants to be there for both girls. Remembering He is in control and trusting in His constant care.

So after processing the emotions of the day, God's grace washed over us in a profound way this evening. 

We got to watch the Lake Forest basketball fundraiser livestream from Cinci and were overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support. It was such a joy to witness a community of people coming together and students rallying in support of Lexie. 

It was an amazing example of servanthood. A tangible expression of people taking care of each other. A model for all communities. I can't find words that can express how deeply this has affected us. 

We are in awe of everything that has taken place this evening and feel incredibly blessed to receive God's provisions for us in ways we could have never dreamed of. 

We would like to thank Lake Forest High School, LFHS Boosters, Phil LaScala and Kyle Wilhelm, the boys and girls basketball programs, Tim Burkhalter, everyone who participated in the event and the entire Lake Forest community. You have gone above and beyond for us time and time again. I am moved to tears and so thankful that the community has never given up on their support for our family. The LFHS community continues to rise to the occasion, no matter how deep, dark and long our valley goes. You have carried us when we couldn't make it on our own. You have helped alleviate more burdens than you will ever know. Our hearts are full of gratitude and thanksgiving and we are proud of the incredible example you have set. 

I pray surrounding communities will follow in your footsteps and help other families in need.

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